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Kite Movie Hindi Free Download 646f9e108c Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF original title: Kite genge: Action,Crime,Thriller duration: 1h 30min tags: Killer. Justice. keywords: gang, bus, revenge, femalevigilante, femalekiller, toughgirl, onewomanarmy, womankillsaman, womanfightsaman, womanpunchesaman, kickedinthecrotch, mixedmartialarts, martialarts, basedonanime, basedonca When her cop father is killed, a young woman tracks the murder with the help of his ex-partner. Never Underestimate a Girl with Nothing to Lose. Based on the groundbreaking, cult classic anime, KITE tells the story of Sawa (India Eisley,"The Secret Life of the American Teenager," Underworld: Awakening), a young woman living in a corrupt society where crime and gangs terrorize the streets. When Sawa's mother and policeman father are found victims of a grisly double homicide, she begins a ruthless pursuit for the man who murdered them. With the help of her father's ex-partner, Karl Aker (Samuel L. Jackson, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers, Django Unchained), and a mysterious friend from her past (Callan McAuliffe, The Great Gatsby, I Am Number Four), she becomes a merciless teen assassin, blasting her way through the dark world of human trafficking only to uncover a devastating truth. This savage, exciting, low-budget, revenge thriller draws its inspiration from Yasuomi Umetsu's violent Japanese anime actioneers. When you watch this nimble, 89-minute opus, you'll find yourself thinking about super-charged movies that Luc Besson either directed or produced, such as "La Femme Nikita," "Columbiana," and "District B13." Kinetically staged by Ralph Ziman, primarily known for "The Zookeeper" and "Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema," "Kite" delivers non-action with a minimum of exposition and pulsating soundtrack. A gorgeous-looking teenage girl, Sawa (India Eisley of "Underworld: Awakening"), searches obsessively for the dastard who murdered her parents. She carries out her quest for vengeance with the help of a police officer, Lieutenant Karl Acker (Samuel L. Jackson of "Pulp Fiction"), who knew her mom and dad. He isn't pleased with her audacious vigilantism. Zimon thrusts us into the thick of the action in the opening scene as a despicable Russian, Mikhal Kratsov (Jaco Muller) hauls Sawa into an elevator where he tries to have bang-up sex with her. An elderly woman in the elevator with them complains about their behavior, and Kratsov smashes her glasses. Sawa kicks him in the face. Brandishing a huge looking automatic pistol, she blasts him at point blank range. Although she blows a hole in his hand, she isn't content to let him get off that easily and obliterates his noggin with another shot from her 9 mm. Our heroine stays strung out on a narcotic called Amp, and nothing comes between her and her quarry. When Acker isn't around to watch over her, Oburi (Callan McAuliffe of "The Great Gatsby") shows up and rescues her a couple of times. Oburi is an athletic type who leaps and lunges around in Parkour and always has an appropriate weapon for every occasion. Basically, Sawa masquerades as a hooker to track down the Emir who operates a flesh trafficking ring. Society has broken down since an economic collapse and state security is a joke. Gangs terrorize the streets and abduct children that they sell to an international cartel run by the Emir. Sawa displays no qualms about killing anybody associated with the Emir. The action sequences are impressive and Ziman has a knack for orchestrating some terrific shoot-outs. After watching this sizzling thriller, I want to see how it stacks up with Yasuomi Umetsu's Japanese anime outings. Sawa's adversaries are repugnantly evil to the core. No matter what corner these hellions have her shackled up to, she exhibits resourcefulness galore in a pinch. She slices up her opponents without mercy, whacking off one villain's head, shoving a skewer through another guy's head, and blasting the brains out of a number of rugged looking gunmen. Mind you, Sawa doesn't go unscathed; she takes a multiple beatings along the way and sheds blood. India Eisley makes a sympathetic but take-no-prisoners heroine. Samuel L. Jackson lingers more often than not on the periphery of the bloodshed, but he still makes an important contribution to the narrative. You'll enjoy this lean, mean, slam-bang thriller. "Kite" was lensed on atmospheric locations in South Africa. This film is really poor. The main actress, India Eisley, is completely mis-cast for an action role. She looks like she couldn't slap her way out of a girlie fight in a nightclub toilet, let alone take on any of the vicious nasties that she encounters in the film. Her pout screams "spoilt brat" and is more akin to a young lady that didn't get the right manicure for her poodle somewhere on Sunset Boulevard than any sort of supposedly drug- dependent action heroine (sic). What on earth was Sam Jackson thinking when he joined the cast? I guess they all get it wrong from time, and thankfully for him, his role is fairly small - I wonder how many people would have passed this film by had his name not been on the billing? He was on decent, if not epic, form in his limited role. The action scenes are poor, the fight scenes are excruciatingly slow and very obviously staged (badly) and none of the actors look convincing doing or saying anything. Even the bad guys come across as being somewhat weak and pathetic - shouldn't actors thrive on playing a really mean villain in a film? The villains don't seem to have any menace at all. Chuck in some beaty music that is meant to make some of the basic Parkour based scenes look dramatic with a few wisps of smoke thrown in for added "drama", and you've got a recipe for disappointment. 4.3 is a somewhat generous score - I wished I hadn't wasted 90 minutes of my life watching this utter tat. At the very least, Kite could have given Jackson some scenery to chew. 646f9e108c


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